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10 Reasons to buy a Mint+ Refurbished iPhone or Smartphone in 2020

Looking to upgrade your current phone? Buying a new phone for a friend or family member? Or simply looking for a change? Whatever your reason for buying a new phone in 2020, buying a brand-new Smartphone or iPhone can be an expensive experience. Whether you choose to buy brand new or opt in to lengthy repayments contracts, buying a new phone can require a lot of consideration.





Here at Mint+ we offer premium refurbished iPhones and Smartphones at affordable prices.  All our Mint+ premium refurbished Smartphones and iPhones are fully refurbished to manufacturer standards, ensuring all our Mint+ phones are in pristine condition. All Mint+ premium refurbished iPhones and Smartphones include a 12-month warranty and a 14-day peace of mind policy so if you’re not happy with your new phone, you can send it back through our simple returns policy. Here’s 10 reasons to buy a Mint+ refurbished iPhone or Smartphone in 2020

  1. No annual contract or monthly payments required– All Mint+ refurbished iPhones and Smartphones are unlocked and sim free. With no contract or monthly repayments required, Mint+ refurbished iPhones and Smartphones are suitable with any network sim. Just add your network sim card and you’re ready to go

  2. Mint+ Warranty – Our Mint+ warranty guarantees your refurbished handset against any technical default or malfunction for one year from date of purchase, giving you the peace of mind to know that if your refurbished iPhone or Smartphone experiences any technical defaults, our Mint+ manufacturers repair warranty will cover any necessary repairs. For more information on our Mint+ warranty click here

  3. Eco friendly – Refurbished iPhones and Smartphones are recycled phones, meaning that while some parts of your refurbished iPhone or Smartphone are replaced to ensure your refurbished phone looks and works as good as new, refurbished iPhones and Smartphones don’t require the same amount of natural resources that are required to create brand new phones. This means that the environmental impact of Refurbished iPhones and Smartphones is considerably less than brand new phones  

  4. Established trustworthy retailer – Mint+ is owned by Fonua, Ireland's leading supplier of refurbished mobile phone handsets with over 20 years’ experience in the trade in and resale of pre-owned smartphones. We are trusted and available in many of Ireland’s biggest telecommunications companies including Eir, Harvey Norman, DID Electrical, Three, Vodafone and Tesco Mobile

  5. Thorough Refurbishment Process– Our Mint+ 30 point inspection process ensures that all our Mint+ products are subjected to extremely rigorous technical inspection by our certified refurbishment technicians and experts. We ensure that all aspects of your Mint+ phone are in perfect condition, from ensuring that your new Mint+ refurbished iPhone or Smartphone is blemish free to ensuring your new iPhone or Smartphone battery is battery cycle tested to ensure you’re your new Mint+ phone is in pristine condition

  6. Quality refurbishment you can trust – All our iPhones and Smartphones are refurbished using high quality parts. All our Mint+ refurbished iPhones and Samsung Galaxy are refurbished using Apple and Samsung certified parts, ensuring that your Mint+ phone is refurbished to the original manufacturer’s quality standards

  7. Wallet friendly – When you buy a refurbished iPhone or Smartphone, you save a significant amount on the latest iPhone and Smartphone models without sacrificing phone quality or the latest smartphone features. Premium refurbished Apple iPhone 6/6S and 7’s are available on Mint+ and pristine Samsung Galaxy S9’s are available on Mint+ also stocks Grade A refurbished Apple iPads and Watches  

  8. Mint+ 14 Day peace of mind of policy – Our Mint+ 14-day peace of mind policy ensures that if you’re not happy with your new Mint+ iPhone or Android smartphone you can send it back – just keep your receipt and we’ll happily refund you for your purchase. So, if you’re unsure whether Mint+ is right for you, you can try out our Mint+ premium refurbished iPhones and Android smartphones for 14 days. If after 14 days you decide Mint+ isn’t right for you, no problem just use our simple returns process and we’ll return your funds to you

  9. Free delivery – All Mint+ orders on refurbished iPhones and Smartphones include free delivery to addresses in the Republic of Ireland. Orders delivered to outside the Republic of Ireland require standard delivery costs

  10. Mint+ Rewards – when you sign up to Mint+ you receive the best deals on premium refurbished iPhones, Android Smartphones, Apple iPads, Watches and mobile phone accessories. Our monthly offers, special deals, refer a friend codes and bundle offers, offer you the best deals in premium refurbished iPhones and Smartphones in Ireland. When you sign up to Mint+ you also receive the latest industry news, Mint+ competition information, product reviews and new product alerts

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