Alternative uses for Phones

At Mint+ we’re all about sustainable and reusable technology and while many of old smartphones and iPhones may seem out of date in comparison to more recent models – older Smartphones and iPhones are still perfectly and can be put to good use. Do you have an old phone lying around or looking for a replacement? Here are some alternative uses for your old Smartphones or iPhone...

  • Use an old phone as remote control/ Apple TV Remote:Have a Smart TV? Did you know you can control it through your phone? Most TV’s can be controlled through apps now and using an old Mobile Phone is the perfect alternative to buying a brand-new remote control or Apple TV remote. Why bother buying a new remote when you can save time and money and use an old phone
  • Own your own business? Sumup is a 3G card reader that allows businesses to take payment via a mobile phone connected to a 3G card reader. All you need to do is connect your phone to 3G or Wi-Fi and you can take payments whenever and wherever. So instead of buying a costly and inconvenient card machine why not use an existing mobile phone or buy a pre-owned refurbished phone and simply your payment process
  • Convert it to a digital photo display:Why not bring your pictures to life and create a digital photo display? All you need to do is sync your photos to your phone and create a slideshow - perfect for displaying pictures and videos
  • Child friendly learning tool: Looking for a way to entertain your kids? With amazing educational apps available why not turn an old or existing phone into a learning tool for your kids? From language apps to science apps – using an existing phone as an educational entertainment tool is the perfect alternative to buying a brand-new iPad or Tablet
  • In need of a new Sports Watch? Why not use an old phone to track your work outs? With plenty of apps available to help you track your workouts why not use an existing phone instead of buying a brand-new watch
  • Keep it as a backup; Ever lose your phone or just worry about losing it? Keeping a spare phone is a good way to ensure that you’re never out of touch in case of emergency

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