Hi Everyone, 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer & that the sun is shining wherever you are!

I’m delighted to be partnering up with Mint+ to tell you a bit about their super cool service & review one of their products, the Apple Watch. 

First things first I wanted to give you an insight into the company itself Mint+ and what it does.

Mint+ Company Overview

Mint+ is Ireland’s leading provider of refurbished, pre-owned smartphones and accessories. Mint+ Premium Refurbished iPhones, Smartphones and Apple Watches are sustainably refurbished, eco-friendly phones that have been refurbished to original manufacturer standards, to ensure they look and work like brand new phones. 

Mint+ is committed to reducing mobile phone waste and all of Mint+ Smartphones and iPhones are recycled, refurbished phones. Recycled, refurbished phones are significantly eco-friendlier than brand new phones as they have a considerably lower environmental impact. 

Mint+ refurbished and pre-owned phones are extremely high-quality phones, while all Mint+ phones are pre-owned phones – Mint+ Phones have had minimal usage and 

Mint+ Premium phones won’t have any signs of previous use. 

So as you can see this company is super topical and current when we think about our efforts in sustainability.

For my own then personal reasons, because we’re trying to save for our wedding, knowing this company exists and how they operate has given me another avenue to now purchase a phone if I need one and at a much lower cost. 

Let’s talk Apple Watch!

I was delighted to partner with Mint+ to review their apple watch because I was always so intrigued as to the benefits it has. Consumers these days need everything they want at their finger tip with little to no wait time and I had heard that the apple watch features help make this happen. As you know I am always on the go so every little helps!! 

When I first received the apple watch I was so impressed, packaging was straight forward and everything was as clean as a whistle. The watch even had the protective plastic you get on new phones wrapped around it. Setup was really easy all you have to do is pair it to your iPhone and away you go. 

It’s early days and I feel like I’m going to love more and more as I go on, but my favourite features so far are the health features (counting my steps, measuring my workouts). I can also answer my texts & phone calls, update calendar & view pictures from my watch which is super cool when I’m on the go. 

Mint+ Premium Pre-owned Phones are available in Ireland’s largest retailers – Harvey Norman’s, Vodafone, DID Electrical, Eir, Three and Tesco Mobile 

For more information about Mint+ visit www.mintplus.ie