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Contact Wireless Earbuds

Contact Wireless Earbuds – How do they compare?

Looking for a cheaper alternative to AirPods? Contact Wireless Earbuds are state-of-the-art Wireless Earbuds – available online on Mint+ for a fraction of the price of other leading brands.

Suitable with all Android and Apple devices, Contact Wireless Earbuds are wireless earphones with microphones with four hours play time and a wireless charging case. Contact Wireless Earbuds deliver the same high-quality experience and functionality as more premium priced wireless earbuds however at much more affordable price. Easy to set up, Contact Wireless Earbuds instantly sync with your device, offering wireless capabilities such as hands-free phone calls, automatically audio playing and pausing and all with extremely high sound quality.

Unsure about buying Contact Wireless Earbuds? You can try them out our wireless earphones no strings attached and return them within 14 days if you’re not happy.

Available on Mint+ for €24.99 Buy now

Contact Wireless Earbuds €24.99