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How do I keep my Smartphone in the best condition?

How do I keep my Smartphone in the best condition?  

We asked our in house expert and Mint+ Sales and Marketing Director, Alan Eyre, for his top tips in keeping your Smartphone in the best condition possible...

Q. My touch screen is cracked, but still working. Do I need to replace it?  

A. "Once you have any cracks on the screen, or bleeding, then you should get it checked out. With most modern mobile phones the screen is not just the glass on top. It's usually connected to the LED or LCD underneath, so at some point, it's going to start affecting that.

"Screen repair prices are so competitive now, it's much more economical to get it repaired sooner rather than later. Up to 20% of all repairs we see are cracked screens; you wouldn't believe how many people still don't put a screen protector or protective case on their phone!

"There are some good glass or even nano liquid screen protectors out there today - about €30 would give you enough protection for your phone."

Ensuring your Smartphone screen is in good condition is vital to your Smartphones health, so be sure to protect with good quality products or repair it when necessary to avoid any long term side effects that could damage your smartphone.

Q. Is it OK to leave your phone charging overnight?  

A. "The short answer is no - you should take it out once it's fully charged. On some of the new fast-charging phones, that can be as quick as one-and-a-half hours. Nowadays, lots of people keep phone chargers in their car, by their bed, on their desk, every time they put their phone down it's on charge.

"When we're refurbishing phones one of the most interesting things we see is the battery charge cycle - or the number of times it's been charged up.

"Leaving it plugged in constantly eventually degrades the battery, causing that charging cycle to become less and less efficient. Normally, I charge my phone fully in the morning, then take it off and use it fully for the day, so I'm in a cycle rather than an hourly one."

Getting into a battery charging routine is extremely important for your Smartphone to ensure the longevity of the health of your smartphone battery. Continuous charging or over-charging can degrade the quality of your Smartphone battery rapidly and may reduce your battery lifespan.

Q. My battery is always low, what could be draining it?  

A. "The biggest challenge for everybody on battery life are the apps that are running in the background. Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram: If you don't close them down, they are constantly refreshing in the background, and running down your battery. A lot of apps are also unnecessarily using your location services, so if you haven't switched that off in the app, then it's constantly pulling down your location."

"The other thing is the notifications. A lot of apps are constantly sending notifications - weather updates, news updates, even your email could be set so that you're seeing every single email coming into your inbox. Apart from tweaking your settings, there are some very good YouTube videos with tips on how to improve the efficiency of your phone."

In short, app notifications, location services and background app refreshing can drain your smartphone battery, optimize these settings to ensure your smartphone battery lasts longer throughout the day

Q. I dropped my phone in the toilet, does the bag of rice trick work?  

A. "Putting your phone in a bag of rice or the hot press can work in the very short term, but it's not going to solve the problem long term. Over the next few weeks, you're going that phone has technical difficulties, and at some point, it's just not going to function.

"Most phones today have an indicator to show whether it's been exposed to water. Often, when we open them up, there's evidence of water damage that the owner may not even have noticed. Maybe they accidentally left it down on a wet countertop and over time, that has caused some of the functional issues they're experiencing.

"If your drop your phone down the toilet or sink, my advice would be to dry it off with kitchen roll, keep it somewhere warm and dry, and get it looked at as soon as you can."

And if you do drop your phone in water, Fónfix (Fónua's mobile phone repair service) offers repairs on a wide range of Smartphones, Tablets, and Wearables on 

Q. Are there any apps that are dangerous to download?  

A. "You should only be downloading apps from reputable stores, such as Google play store or the App Store on Apple.

"When you're on the open market, you just do not know what you're going to pull down with the app, it could be a virus, it could be a security issue, or it could simply just not function properly on your phone.

"What astounds us is how often people don't know they downloaded an app - they may have been on a website, clicked on an advert and suddenly there's an app downloading on their phone. Younger people especially can have 30 to 40 pages of apps going on. My advice is to go to your mobile phone settings, where you can check which ones you're actually using and delete the others."

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