Mint+ Product Review - Nano Protect+ Liquid Screen Protection

Want to protect your new iPhone or Smartphone screen? The next generation of smartphone screen protection is here – Nanotech Liquid Screen Protectors are the latest advancement in smartphone technology, providing mobile phones with up to 3x greater screen protection than traditional tempered glass screen protectors.

Liquid screen protectors provide advanced screen protection through a layer of liquid glass applied to mobile phone screens and when fully dried in, liquid screen protectors create a micro layer of glass which strengthens the existing mineral glass of mobile phones screens to protect smartphones from surface abrasions and scratches.

In comparison to traditional screen protectors, liquid screen protectors provide your screen with greater screen protection due to nanoparticles that bind together to create a chemical structure that is extremely tough but extremely lightweight, providing your smartphone with a layer of protection that is hard to break. Traditional tempered glass screen protectors provide 5H protection, liquid screen protectors increase your phones screen protection to 9H. Liquid Screen Protectors also provide a whole host of benefits to your new iPhone or Smartphone including;

Anti- bacterial protection – Liquid Screen Protectors are Oleo Phobic, meaning that it prevents germs from entering your phone and repels oil and dirt making your phone less prone to fingerprint marks smudges

Easy application - Bubble free, very smooth appearance that is easily applied to your screen and is fully transparent

Full Screen functionality – Liqui screen protectors don’t affect the effectiveness of a 3D touch screen, they are very sensitive and recognize every tap and touch. They are also eco-friendly and safe to touch.

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  • May 21, 2019
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