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Which smartwatch should I buy?

It’s 2021 and if you If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t already bought a smartwatch then this blog is for you.

Whatever your goals, there’s no denying that the functionality of smartwatches can vary drastically. From sleep tracking to step tracking, monitoring your V02 Max limit and your heart rate fitness - there’s not much that smartwatches can’t track and analyse these days!

And with the wide range of smartwatches available, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. From in-depth knowledge about your fitness performance and analysing your health goals, to weekly challenges to motivate you to get out and exercise - it can be difficult to know what you really need from a smartwatch?

That’s why we’ve complied a review of our top selling smartwatches on From our very own range of refurbished Apple Watches to brand new smartwatches and activity trackers from brands such as Fitbit and Huawei. We’ve assembled an in-depth list of pros and cons to help you choose which smartwatch is right for you


Apple Watch: From €189

Suitable for: The allrounder – someone who wants a smartwatch with all the features of a smartphone

With every new Apple Watch release, comes a growing features list. From answering your phone, replying to WhatsApp’s, or paying for your shopping – there’s not much you can’t do on an Apple Watch. Apple Watches have great functionality, and you can really customise your smartwatch to your preferences. From updating your watch face, adding specific apps, or removing pesky notifications – you can set up you’re Apple Watch interface in a way that’s specific to your needs. If you have any Smarthome tech i.e smart kettles, smart bulbs, or a video doorbell you can integrate them to your Apple watch and boil the kettle, turn off the lights or even answer the front door without leaving the comfort of your couch.

In terms of fitness, Apple watches have very in-depth information about fitness progression (or regression, hello 2020!). One great thing about Apple Watches is the ability to connect with your friends and family and start a fitness competition. Get notifications when your friends or family close one of their three exercise ring, starts a workout or reaches their daily steps goal. If you struggle with motivating yourself to get out for a walk or a run, Apple Watches can definitely give you the push that you might need to get your trainers on.

Overall Apple Watches are more like having a smartphone on your wrist than a watch, but if you like having the ability to take calls anywhere or need the motivation from notifications to reach your fitness goal – then Apple Watches are perfect for you. However, there’s also a downside to this, in an era where everyone is trying to reduce their screen time, having an Apple Watch means you’ll never miss a notification and can feel like you’re always on call.

Pros: Not only do Apple Watches look nice, but they also have in-depth information around fitness progress i.e VO2 Max tracker, GPS tracker for exact information about work outs. Apple Watches also have a huge range of apps available to download to your Apple Watch, so if you use a very specific app its likely its available in the Apple Watch App Store. Apple Watches use a system of three rings to help you meet your fitness goals, these can be very motivational in terms of meeting your steps goals, remembering to stand up every hour and getting in daily exercise.  

Cons: Sleep tracking is awkward and needs to be separately downloaded. Apple Watches use more than one app which can make using an Apple Watch more confusing. Apple Watches include one app for overall watch functionality and another app for activity tracking. Apple Watches also need to be charged a lot, approximately every 1-2 days depending on which watch you buy. This is more frequent than other smartwatches like Fitbit and Huawei which only need to be charged about once a week. If you’re used to using a more simplistic smartwatch then getting used to using an Apple Watch can be a little bit more confusing at the start.



Fitbit: From €149

Suitable for: Selfcare Fanatics – someone who wants a smartwatch to help promote their physical and mental wellbeing

After using Fitbit Smartwatches for a while, the main noticeable differences between Fitbit and other leading smartwatches are that Fitbit’s are more health focused in comparison to other smartwatches. Fitbit’s main functionalities lie around improving your sleep, improving your overall fitness, and promoting mental wellbeing. Fitbit’s app is broken into three main sections; your steps, your sleep and your heart rate but there is also a handy new section dedicated to meditation. Similar to apps like Calm, Fitbit offers users mediation guides, night-time sleep routines and work out videos all available in the community section of the app.

More recent versions of the Fitbit Smartwatches like the Versa 3 or Fitbit Sense include all the features you’d expect from a top of the range smartwatch including GPS exercise tracking, heart rate monitoring and trend analysis of your health metrics. These are great functionalities which can give you an overall view up of how your personal fitness compares to your age group and gender among other metrics. There are plenty of fitness challenge you can join and similarly to Apple Watches, Fitbit allows users to sync up with friends to compare daily, weekly and monthly fitness goals.

Pros: Handy weekly email with your progress including your sleep tracking, daily steps, insights on daily workouts and weekly meditation tips. The Fitbit App is really easy to use and very easy to set up.

Cons: If you forget to regularly sync your watch to your phone then it can be a little bit time consuming to sync your watch when you eventually remember. Fitbits offer slightly less functionality than Apple Watches and have less available apps to download.


Huawei: From €30 - €199

Suitable for: Everyone

One size fits all – this saying is quite literally true when it comes to Huawei. For the price point, Huawei Smartwatches are packed with amazing in-depth features not limited to step counting and activity tracking and all Huawei Smartwatches include 1 week battery life as standard on all smartwatches.

From the cheaper activity trackers to the top of the range Smartwatches, Huawei really has something to offer everyone. To begin with the Huawei Band 3 is a great smartwatch available for only €30! The Huawei Band 3 comes packed with amazing features and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. Sleep monitoring, step tracking and smartphone notification are all included however the only possible downside is the screen is slightly small. Overall, the Huawei Band 3 is a very discreet smartwatch and can be easily adapted to your preferences. If you feel like upgrading to a larger smartwatch the Huawei Fit or Huawei Band 6 are great options available for under €100 and are available in a wide range of colours, from green to pink so you are guaranteed to find a colour that you appreciate.

Pros: A great smartwatch with great functionalities at amazing price points.

Cons: Unfortunately, Huawei Smartwatches can be a little bit more awkward to set up. As their App is no longer available in the app store you will have download it directly from their website to your smartwatch. Huawei Smartwatches can be a little bit trickier to set up, but trust us its worth the little bit of extra hassle in the end.