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Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB Black - Condition Very Good

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Samsung GALAXY S8+ Condition: Perfectly Good

All Mint+ iPhones and Android smartphones are unlocked and sim free. Mint+ Value Pre-owned Phones look a little bit more loved but is still in very good working condition.

Mint+ Value Pre-owned Phones might have superficial scratches on the back, sides and screen but will work like new and you'll get a 12-month warranty to put your mind at ease. Mint+ Value Pre-owned Phones are fully restored to factory settings, ensuring that your new iPhone or Android Smartphone works perfectly

All Mint+ refurbished iPhones and Smartphones have been factory reset, data wiped, and battery cycle tested – ensuring your Value Mint+ iPhone 8 is in excellent working condition. All Mint+ Value iPhones are unlocked, contract free and include a one-year warranty. All Mint+ Value iPhones include free delivery on all orders over €50

The Galaxy S8+ is designed to be more than just a smartphone. With a larger screen than the S8 it makes for a better viewing experience. It's designed to change how you capture and view your life and how you work on the go. Break down the barriers in your world with the Galaxy S8+.

Samsung S8+ Features:

  • 6.2" Infinity Display
  • 12MP Rear Facing Camera
  • Iris Scan Security
  • IP68 Water & Dust Resistant
  • 3500 mAh Battery

Mint+ Value Pre-owned Phones do not include a charger cable,charging plug or Earphones