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Google Home Mini Chalk - Refurbished

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With a simple “Ok Google”, open yourself to a world of hands-free assistance with Google Home. From playing your favourite music play-list, to streaming content to your TV via Chromecast or managing your busy schedule, Google Home is the voice-operated assistant you didn’t even know you needed. Google Home also recognises up to 6 different users, so your whole family can tailor their own playlists or planners with Google Home to their own personalised preferences.

  • Stream TV shows and movies when paired with Chromecast
  • Control smart home products with Google Assistant voice commands
  • Just say "OK Google"and the Google Home Mini responds.
  • Dim the lights
  • Turn up smart thermostats
  • Get weather, traffic, finance, news and sports updates
  • Manage your schedule and set alarms, and reminders using your voice
  • Play, pause, and rewind TV hands-free
  • Google Mini works with your Chromecast, so you can stream shows, movies, and music with just your voice
  • Use Bluetooth to play any music from your phone
  • Listen to radio stations – OK Google, play Capital London on TuneIn
  • Voice Match - ensures everyone can get their own schedule, playlists and more just by asking
  • My Day – curated daily snippet about your day includes, weather, calendar, commute, reminders
  • Local guide – gives you info on near facilities and shops
  • Answers to everyday questions – When is Mother’s day this year?
  • Ask for traffic and travel times for driving, walking and biking