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Logitech ZeroTouch InCar DashMount Hands Free - Black

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Top features: - Hands-free control of your phone with easy voice commands - Free android app with simple controls - Let people know where you are with Glympse Hands-free control Offering you complete hands-free control of your phone in your car, the Logitech ZeroTouch Bluetooth Dashboard Mount has voice controls for safer use while driving. To make sure the app knows you're giving it a command, just hold your hand above your phone for a second, and then ask it to show directions to an address, read out a message or open up your playlists on Spotify or Deezer. Free android app To get started all you have to do is snap your phone onto the magnetic surface of the Dashboard Mount . Then use the free app to swipe through songs or respond to WhatsApp, Facebook or Google Hangout conversations without having to touch a thing. Let people know where you are If you're en route to a friend's house you can let them know where you are in real time using Glympse, which is built-in to the ZeroTouch app. When you send you location to someone they'll receive a text showing them a map view of your location. To stop sharing your location, simply undock your phone when you reach your destination.