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Smarter iKettle Smart Kettle - Silver

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Since the kettle is such a staple appliance in any home, it makes sense to upgrade to one which can do so much more. Be amazed by how much a smart kettle can improve your daily family routines.

Boil water from anywhere at any time, whether you're just waking up and want the kettle to boil or on your way home and want the perfect cuppa as soon as you get in.

You can integrate it with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple's Siri and use voice activation.

The iKettle has been designed to be robust. With its stainless steel body, sealed lid, and an easy pour spout, the iKettle is the perfect appliance for everyday use.

Using a patented controller, the iKettle is built to be safe. You can customise the iKettle button to heat the water at any temperature, perfect for green tea.