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<h4>iPhone 14</h4>

iPhone 14

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iPhone 13

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iPhone 12

<h4>iPhone 11</h4>

iPhone 11

<h4>iPhone SE2</h4>

iPhone SE2

<h4>iPhone XR</h4>

iPhone XR

Because Originality Matters.

No Refurbishment, Only Original Manufacturer Parts and Batteries. Simple.

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Premium Pre-owned



Premium Pre-owned

Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

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The Green Choice

Mint+ is committed to decreasing the environmental effects of electronic waste through reusing and recycling electronic devices.

We are a part of the circular economy model, which emphasises extending the lifespan of products rather than continually creating new ones. This approach is more sustainable and eco-friendly in the long run.

Our packaging is entirely compostable and crafted from responsibly obtained, fully recycled materials. To ensure its complete eco-friendliness, we utilise soy ink in our packaging.

Mint+ are proud members of Guaranteed Irish. We are 100% Irish-owned and conduct all our operations within Ireland, thereby minimising unnecessary carbon emissions from transportation.

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Over 200,000 happy Irish customers.

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Selected as the Preferred Pre-Owned Supplier for Prominent Irish Networks and Retailers