TrackiPet 4G GPS Waterproof Pet Tracker


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Unique finding lost pet features: If your dog runs away activate "chase mode" and get instant 5 second updates to find your lost pet. TrackiPet also come with unique feature called "community ring" whereby you can trace your runaway pet and connect to friends and neighbors to help you locate your lost dog. One in 3 pets become lost, 80% of the lost are never found, don't let your pet become a statistic.

TrackiPet is tiny and light, has collar attachment that fits any size collar. Get peace of mind with our 24/7 phone advisors . Lifetime warranty including lost and damaged device. The pet tracker comes included with state-of-the-art iOS, Android and Web App. Multiple devices can be connected to the same tracker, so in case your pet runaway all family members participating in the chase independently.

The TrackiPet is waterproof at the rating of IP67 and is submersible for up to 30 minutes in water. The TrackiPet pet tracker features a built-in SIM with international roaming which uses 4G/3G/2G network coverage to accommodate both old and new cellular towers. Unlike Bluetooth trackers that are only effective for a shouting distance, TrackiPet works for unlimited distance and has worldwide coverage.

Advanced GPS Tracking: TrackiPet GPS tracker for pets features numerous personalized notifications including, Chase-mode for finding up-to-the-second location of runaway pet, crossing Virtual-Fence safe zones, speed and movement alerts, low battery and more. Personalized alerts: You can designate trusted contacts to receive the personalized alerts (push/email/sms) in case of an emergency.

Subscription Required: A connectivity and service subscription of as low as £4.16 per month for a long term pre-paid plan or £8.95 per month, for a month to month plan is required to activate your TrackiPet dog GPS tracker. Select your plan when activating, then attach the dog tracker that fits any size collar, and start tracking within minutes.

EAN: 850033076431